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Workplace programs

Employee Wellness Session


Handling big emotions in the midst of a pandemic

(60 min.)

This employer-sponsored videoconference explores

the triggers of big emotions
and recommends effective strategies to handle them as they arise.

Employee Wellness Session


Working from home and parenting during Covid-19

(60 min.)

This employer-sponsored videoconference was created for parents seeking to build resilience in themselves and their children in this time of uncertainty.

Employee Wellness Session


Giving the best of you 

- instead of what's left over

(60 min.)

This employer-sponsored videoconference helps working
parents learn how to give the best
of themselves instead of what's left
over after a busy day.

Manager Seminar


Leveraging your

emotions at work

(2 hours)

This seminar shows participants how to achieve a deeper sense of control over their work lives and create more productive relationships with the people around them.

Manager Seminar Series


Intelligence that

fuels success

(6 hours)

Managers are called to create,

collaborate and engage like
never before. This series show how each of these areas flourish with the right kind of social emotional intelligence.


A synergy of the head

and heart


This one-day work retreat highlights the importance of interconnection and interdependence – emphasizing that all participants are connected as a group and that the actions of one, impact the wellbeing and success of everyone.

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