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Manager seminar

Talking to employees about their mental health

This one-hour videoconference was created for managers looking for the right way to talk to employees about their mental health – a growing imperative since the start of Covid-19.


The seminar describes signs and symptoms of declining mental health. It defines the boundaries of mental health conversations in the workplace and gives managers a practical framework for real-world interventions. This activity addresses the right and wrong strategies to deploy, shedding light on the balance between compassion and managerial responsibility.


With over 20% of the population experiencing a mental health problem or illness within any given year, and one in two people under the age of 40 expected to experience a mental health problem or illness by the time they turn 40, this seminar is meant for all managers interested in building the resilience of their employees and teams.



Reduces manager discomfort about the

subject of employee mental health

Provides a clear plan of action to open and sustain conversations about mental health

Paves the way for greater manager empathy and

authenticity with all employees.

Addresses prevention and intervention needs.


Please use the Contact me form below for more information about content, rates and scheduling.

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