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Manager and employee retreat

A Meeting of the Head and Heart


This retreat provides an invaluable opportunity for teammates to come together and practice the social emotional intelligence skills taught in the six-hour seminar series.

Based on a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence, this retreat is finely tailored to the needs of participants. Team leaders are involved in the development of the program to ensure relevant content and the creation of a safe and nurturing learning environment for participants.


Through a mix of roll-playing and interactive exercises, colleagues are invited to sharpen their self-awareness and self-management skills. They are also invited to practice social awareness and relationship management skills with their colleagues.

The Synergy of the Head and Heart retreat stresses the importance of interdependence – emphasizing that all participants are connected as a group and that the actions of one impact the wellbeing and success of everyone. 


Reduces individual/organizational friction and stress

Improves communication and resilience

Enhances team collaboration

Strengthens team bonds and feelings of belonging.

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