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Employer-sponsored videoconference

Handling big emotions in the midst of a pandemic

Discover how a corporate wellness videoconference with Dr. Tara Wilkie can help employees handle stress, anxiety and other big emotions triggered by Covid-19.

Because Covid-19 has wedged itself into our lives, it’s common to experience a host of emotions – some sudden, some predictable, many beyond our normal frame of reference.

Rooted in neuroscience and in the principles of a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence, this 60 min. videoconference addresses the triggers of big emotions and offers strategies to handle them as they arise.


While parenting and family dynamics are the main focus of this session, employees are encouraged to raise other aspects related to the emotional impact of the pandemic.


Helps parents master their emotions

Decreases stress at home

Fosters a peaceful family environment.

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