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Meet Tara

Over 25 years ago, I earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from McGill University which fueled my passion for helping people become more active participants in their own lives.


I worked as a child psychologist and dedicated myself to the field of education, supporting children, parents and schools through the rising tides of childhood anxiety, ADHD and bullying.​ This work revealed to me the hugely transformative power of social and emotional intelligence.

Many of my observations from this time crystallized in a new approach to social and emotional learning that I developed with a colleague, and which became the cornerstone of the Institute of Social Emotional Education, established in 2015.


Encouraged by feedback from the world's leading social emotional intelligence experts, I started my own consulting firm in 2019 to share a tailored version of this approach with a wider audience. 


Today, my mission is to help as many people as possible develop the social and emotional skills needed to flourish in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Tara Wilkie, Psychologist, Social Emotional Intelligence expert, media personality, creator of corporate wellness programs, employee training events and parent training programs helps people learn how to manage stress, build emotional resilience and create healthy dynamics at home and at work
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