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Manager and employee seminar

Leveraging your emotions at work

This two-hour seminar (2 x 60 min. videoconference) provides an introduction to social emotional intelligence through the lens of a groundbreaking, new approach adapted to the demands of high-performing workplaces.

In this seminar, participants will get a fresh perspective on how they handle their emotions at work. They will be shown how to achieve a greater sense of control over their professional lives and forge deeper and more productive relationships with the people around them.

Concepts of self-regulation or managing reactivity, resilience and emotion contagion will be explored in ways that invite reflection and action.

This session uses a combination of instructional and experiential learning strategies. It also provides participants with useful take-home materials.



Reduces work-related stress

Helps people leverage the power of their emotions

Restores a sense of control over one's work experience

Improves work relationships.

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