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Employer-sponsored videoconference

Working from home and parenting during Covid-19

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Covid-19 has upended the lives of families around the globe. Many moms and dads now have to juggle working from home with 24/7 parenting, social isolation, boredom, screen time, new routines and worries about loved ones. It’s no wonder that nerves are frayed and emotions are running high.


This 60-minute videoconference uses a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence to help working parents build resilience in themselves and in their children.


It features simple (and quick) daily practices for parents seeking to ensure healthy family dynamics in these unsettling times. Underlying themes include emotional literacy (being able to identify and name one's feelings and needs) and self-regulation.


Helps parents master their emotions

Decreases stress at home

Fosters a peaceful family environment.

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