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Manager and employee seminar series

Intelligence that fuels success

Team Talk

This six-hour series (4 x 90 min. videoconferences) is presented through the lens of a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence.


People often feel overwhelmed by work. The first part of this series addresses this feeling and shows participants how to use social emotional intelligence to tame their emotional reactivity, manage stress levels and engage more fully in their work.

The second part explores innovation. It presents various social emotional intelligence strategies like the creation of psychological safe environments that ensure and sustain the emergence of new ideas.


The third part focuses on teamwork and collaboration. It leverages the latest research to help participants improve listening skills, resolve conflicts and strengthen feelings of interconnexion between team members.



Decreases emotional reactivity

Restores a sense of control over one's work experience

Enables a flourishing and sharing of new ideas

Reinforces collaboration

Builds individual/organizational resilience to stress.

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