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Employer-sponsored videoconference

Managing the prolonged stress of Covid-19

Not since the start of Covid-19 has there been such hope…and emotional fatigue. Despite the arrival of large-scale vaccination programs, the resumption of “normal” life feels like a distant prospect. Joy, motivation, focus and purpose continue to be overshadowed by the long arm of the virus.

This 60-minute seminar was created to help people gain a greater sense of control over their lives and loosen the emotional grip of Covid-19.


It addresses the origins of worry, the effects of unhelpful thoughts and the burden of accumulated stress. Rooted in a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence, this seminar presents the top evidence-based strategies to help people manage the prolonged effects of the pandemic. It features a host of cognitive tools that transform old behaviors into new habits.



Helps employees deal with the emotional

long-haul of the pandemic

Shows participants how to catch

and correct negative thinking

Builds resilience.

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