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Parenting Seminar

Connection with intention - 

A social emotional intelligence strategy for parents

Discover how a parenting seminar with Dr. Tara Wilkie can help parents develop self-awareness and self-management to create healthier homes, reduces stress and build resilience in their children.

Families today live in a high-performance world where every day feels like a marathon. Technology and mounting rates of anxiety and depression require parents to pay attention and forge deep human connections with their children.


​This two-hour seminar leverages a groundbreaking, new approach to social emotional intelligence. It urges parents to connect with themselves before connecting with their loved ones.


This seminar explores self-awareness and self-management - two concepts which parents can ultimately pass on to their children as ways to reduce anxiety and build resilience. 

Offered to employers as a wellness initiative, this seminar is also presented to public audiences. Please use the subscribe form below to receive alerts about the next seminar in your area.



Reduces stress in the home

Teaches parents how to care for themselves 

Strengthen's emotional connections among family members.

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