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A simpler and more

powerful way to improve

social and emotional skills

with Dr. Tara Wilkie

Meet Tara

Ph.D., Psychologist, Social Emotional Intelligence Expert, Trainer and Speaker

Most of us are looking for greater meaning, purpose and joy in our lives. I help people achieve these goals by improving their social and emotional skills. I work with families to create happier and healthier home dynamics and with business people to help them reduce stress and feel greater control over their work lives.


My approach to social emotional intelligence is new and grounded in the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. Compared to conventional approaches, it’s more meaningful and a better way to secure lasting, positive change.

Please review my wellness programs and seminars to discover how they can help you flourish in your life. 

Dr. Tara Wilkie, Psychologist, Social Emotional Intelligence expert, media personality, creator of corporate wellness programs, employee training events and parent training programs that help people learn how to manage stress, build emotional resilience and create healthy dynamics at home and at work

What I Offer...

"Better social emotional intelligence

begins when you honor

your feelings and needs."

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